People To Invite To An Intervention For A Loved One

An intervention can be a valuable way to address the drug or alcohol issues of a loved one. Partnering with a treatment counselor and inviting people from your loved one's life to the event can hopefully show that you love the person and are concerned about his or her problem. Ideally, the person will understand that treatment is the best course of action, and the counselor can take over and transport your loved one to a rehab facility. The success of an intervention often depends on the variety of people in attendance, so consider inviting these people to the event that you're planning.

Family Members

The pain that addiction causes family members is often acute, but this can be valuable to share at an intervention. Inviting a variety of family members to the event will show your loved one the pain that his or her addiction has caused the family. It can be useful to invite family members of different ages, as they'll provide assorted perspectives on the addiction. You don't just need to invite immediate family members; distant family members, provided that they've been negatively impacted by your loved one's addiction, can also help the event achieve its goal of compelling the addict to seek treatment.

Sober Friends

It's possible that your loved one has friends who are also addicts; many addicts seek the company of others who will not judge them. It's valuable to invite friends to the event, but you should strive to only include those who are sober. These people will be able to add plenty of value to the intervention. For example, someone who was formerly close with your loved one will be able to say how they used to hang out a lot, but since the addict has begun using drugs or alcohol regularly, they no longer spend time together.

Others Who Have Been Affected

While family and friends are important for the intervention, you should also think about other people who have been affected by your loved one's addiction. These people can be from various walks of life. For example, a neighbor could have been affected. If your loved one is an alcoholic who has often driven drunk, he or she may have crashed into the neighbor's gate or mailbox and destroyed it. In this scenario, the neighbor can explain that the addict's behavior cost time and money to have the property damage repaired. To find out more, speak with someone like Evergreen Recovery Centers.