Are You Your Own Worst Enemy When It Comes To Success?

Are you the type of individual that fails in your head even before you have undertaken anything new? For instance, did you consider learning a new language and then back out of the upcoming class because you remembered that you didn't do well in a certain language while you were in high school? Maybe you can't get ahead in your job because you can't see yourself as a successful person. Read More 

Teens And Substance Abuse: Common Triggers

Substance abuse is a crisis that rarely comes out of nowhere. Often, teenagers face a trigger that prompts them to turn to drugs or alcohol. If your teen has made this wrong turn, you must get your child professional treatment. However, it's equally important to do your research on why your child might have turned to substance abuse. Learn about some of the common triggers teenagers face and how you can combat them. Read More 

Why Individual Counseling Is So Important When Recovering From Alcoholism

Recovering from alcoholism is a challenging and very personal journey. Some people choose to embark on this journey alone, while others do so with the help of group therapy and 12-step programs. Regardless of which approach you choose, it's also helpful to see a therapist or counselor individually during this challenging time. Here's why. A therapist listens without asking anything of you. Support groups can be great. You get to talk about your problems while others listen, and then you reciprocate and listen while they talk about their problems. Read More 

Non-Medication Options For Treating The Symptoms Of Adult ADHD

If you are an adult living with ADHD who doesn't want to take prescription medications, then you are certainly not alone. With today's rising healthcare costs and employer drug testing, many adults with ADHD search for non-medication ways to help control their condition. Over the last couple of decades, there has been a lot of medical research into the causes of ADHD and how it should best be managed. Though for some people medication is going to be the best option, the following alternative ADHD treatments have also shown to be effective: Read More