3 Ways A Career Coach Can Help Motivate You To Find A New Career

Being stuck with a job you hate or that has no room for growth can be a frustrating place to be. If you are in this position and are not overly motivated to start networking and searching for a different job, you should hire a career coach for help. Here are several ways a career coach can help you get out of this situation you are in and into a place you will like more and benefit more from.

Determine your strengths

Career coaches use several strategies to find out a person's strengths, and this is a necessary step when trying to determine what direction you should go in with your career. The coach may have you fill out an aptitude test and may ask you a lot of questions. Once the coach has a good idea as to what types of jobs you would be good at and that meet your education and experience, the coach can move on to the next step.

Help you set weekly goals

Venturing out into the world of careers can be scary and overwhelming, but a career coach can make this a lot easier on you. In fact, your coach is likely to give you just a couple things to do each week. Completing a couple simple tasks is a lot easier than setting out to accomplish a huge goal, such as obtaining a brand-new job.

The tasks the coach has you do are all part of the goals you and the coach create. For example, one task might be to send out five resumes this week. Another goal might be to network with a certain person or business. The coach will help you fully understand the goals and the objectives of each and will hold you accountable for completing them. As you complete the tasks, you will be closer to finding a new job or career.

Encourage you through the process

The other very important thing a career coach can do is encourage you. Your coach will be like a cheerleader that is rooting only for you. He or she will keep you inspired to go on and will help you locate leads. Your job hunt will not be something you will do on your own, because your coach will be there with you every step of the way.

If you need a new job or career and do not even know where to begin, hire a career coach. This could give you the encouragement and motivation you need to find a job you love.