Are You Your Own Worst Enemy When It Comes To Success?

Are you the type of individual that fails in your head even before you have undertaken anything new? For instance, did you consider learning a new language and then back out of the upcoming class because you remembered that you didn't do well in a certain language while you were in high school? Maybe you can't get ahead in your job because you can't see yourself as a successful person.

Maybe you have come to a point in your life when you have determined to take the steps needed to become a positive, successful individual. Are you looking for ideas on how to do that? If so, from things you can do yourself to arranging for self-defeating therapy, here are some ideas that might help you.

Things You Can Do Yourself

First of all, consider the reasons why you haven't allowed yourself to succeed in the past. For example, while you were in high school or college, maybe you didn't do that well because you didn't allow yourself to. Your thoughts during those days might have been something like, If I don't study, then there will be a reason why I get a low grade on my test. Put that kind of thinking behind you starting now.

Literally visualize yourself receiving a huge trophy from somebody you admire, say President George Washington. Even draw a picture of yourself being the first in line when you've run a race. Visualizing things like that might make your brain react differently in the future.

Arrange For Self-defeating Therapy

Have you ever been to a professional counselor before? If not, consider arranging to see one now. Select a counselor who has the training and the experience to help individuals who have self-defeating tendencies. 

The counselor will want to know your things about you that you probably haven't even asked yourself. For example, the counselor might ask you about the people with whom you associate. Are they nay-sayers? Are your friends successful in their own lives? Remember the old adage, Birds of a feather flock together. If you associate only with other people who have the same self-defeating personalities that you have, that's probably not helping you at all.

The counselor might help you to establish some realistic personal goals. For example, they might help you to see that you really could learn a new language if you are willing to do your part. The counselor might success inspiring books for you to read about famous people who were late bloomers because they held themselves back from success.

For more information about self-defeating therapy, contact a therapy practice like Stanley Kramer Psychotherapy.