How To Benefit From PHP Services

Patients who entrust their care to local providers are often looking to see what steps they need to take after their treatment has been completed. Entrusting their provider to find a correct diagnosis can require several trips to the providers office. In office or testing at local hospitals is often stressful for the patient. Many well-meaning staff members will send the patient home with paperwork of their diagnosis and vague verbal instructions on what to do next. Patients often think their primary care provider or specialist is reaching out to perform all the appointment and approvals for the next step in their care. Here are a few ways to benefit from using php services

Office staff rarely knows how to properly submit for prior authorization for services they are not familiar with. It is common for offices to fax prior authorization with incomplete documentation to routinely used departments. The insurance department that processes mri and CT scan requests is often the incorrect destination for other services that need a prior authorization. Allow php services to handle the entire prior authorization process. Providers often refer patients to a specialist to perform a surgery or other care they do not double check if the facility and the doctor there is currently in network with the patient's insurance. Patients often arrive to a specialist's office without a referral, which creates a large bill if their plan requires one to be on file for the entire year. Outsource each step of the process within php services to prevent the office from receiving frantic phone calls where the patient has no referral or is paying full price for a costly service from a provider referred from the office. 

Hiring php services is the best way for prior authorizations to have a quick turnaround time. Urgent requests for referrals, testing, or medication will be handled outside of the office. The authorization can then be emailed or faxed to the office. The php services team will stay in contact with the office for approvals, denials, and eligibility issues.  

Php treatment allows patients to attend outpatient services for therapy, extensive therapy, or evaluations. Patients who are partially hospitalized often have a unique set of needs that requires additional steps for insurance approval. The length of stay could be from a few weeks to in some cases several months before the program ends. Patients who have issues with addictive substances may require php services to save their life through medically supervised detox and counselors to provide mental support. Take action to obtain any php services or php treatment that is needed to ensure a patient has the best outcome possible.