5 Potential Treatment Options For Teens Who’ve Experienced Trauma

When a teenager experiences trauma, they may struggle to deal with their feelings afterward. This may present challenges to the teens, their parents and siblings, friends, and others. Trauma may arise from abuse, neglect, and catastrophic events. Early intervention can be critical, so you should understand the available options for trauma treatment for teens. Therapy A teenager can talk with a trained professional about their experiences and feelings in therapy sessions. Read More 

FAQs About EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy is a type of talk psychotherapy that uses dual cognitive functions to alter the way the brain processes certain stimuli. While somewhat similar to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), it works to change the way the brain absorbs the memory, changing the memory itself, instead of changing the response to the memory.  It is most commonly used in trauma therapy and to treat PTSD.  Who Is A Good Candidate For EMDR Therapy? Read More 

3 Situations That Call For An LGBTQ+ Therapist

Seeking a therapist can be stressful for anybody. For members of the LGBTQ+ community, it can be even harder to find someone who is truly understanding and supportive. Are you uncertain if your situation calls for a therapist with a background in helping people in the LGBTQ+ community? Here are three times when it might be a good idea to consider this type of specialist. You Aren't Sure If You Should Come Out Read More 

How To Find A Therapist That Supports Your LGBTQ Identity

Your identity is one of the most crucial things to you. What would it be like to see a therapist who denies who you really are? You need a therapist who understands you, and that is not necessarily an easy feat. So how can you make sure that you choose a therapist who not only understands your LGBTQ identity, but also affirms it? Here's what you need to know. Check Out the Therapist's Website Read More 

5 Signs a Person Should Work with a Leadership Coach

Leadership coaching can make a huge difference for both individuals and organizations. Some folks aren't sure if they need to work with a leadership coach. If you're trying to figure out whether coaching is right for you, look for these 5 signs you might benefit from it. Tasks Feel Too Big Good leadership often involves confronting big tasks. However, this creates the sense that good leaders have to confront big tasks without hesitation or question, even if the tasks feel too big. Read More